jueves, 11 de noviembre de 2010

The road begins

Hi everyone,

After an extensive search on the net, after reading many blogs, I think the best way to begin this journey is to tell a little about me and what motivates me to tell this story.

I thought to start by telling you who I am, the road has brought me here, but in reality that information is in the profile and can, if someone deems it appropriate, can read directly from there.

That is why I preferred to start by telling my motives, I must say that I know just a little of physiology, nutrition, training theory, and many important concepts in sport and as well, I'm not versed in the art of rhetoric, my comments this blog will only help me go deeper into these issues, while if possible, to bring with it a little bit to those who, like me in fortune, have decided to start the search of a healthier life.

That's why seek to write every day on topics that may be of interest to all those who are either starting or are already deep in the practice of physical activity.

Fortunately, the practice of sport is starting to spread worldwide, every day there are more people in the streets who choose to live a healthy life. This has increased the presence of people of all ages in races throughout the world. Each one has his own story to tell, so I will seek to tell you some of these stories, inviting you to support them, and also to find inspiration in their wonderful stories!

This year I started a new adventure, in September next year I will run my first Ultraman!

Not a race like any other, must apply, and the number of athletes accepted is limited to 35. The race will take place in Wales, is a grueling three-day challenge in which I have to swim 10km and 144.8km ride (first day), 273.5km ride (second day) and run a double marathon on the last day. The official site of the race is


There you can find information about the race, runners, conditions, etc.

So over the 295 days remaining, I invite you to join me in this way, I greatly appreciate your support, advice and questions! Please feel free to ask questions, I will try to answer as best as possible and if I do not have a clear answer I promise to study what is needed to respond!

For now I say goodbye, have a nice day and enjoy playing sports,


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