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Becoming a jogger

Hi everyone!

I thank you for your support again and again. I hope that the topics covered in this space are useful for you. It is for this reason that I ask you to send me your questions so that we thus learn together.

Today I took up jogging. It was a little more than forty-five minutes, a very soft run with my friend Erwan. A new field and a good conversation made a great time. It is important to pay careful attention to the intensity at this time. The good feeling, not feeling tired or having sore muscle soreness, does not mean that your body is fully recovered. It is best to start gently and with this, speed up the recovery process and avoid creating possible causes of injury. I also started to sleep earlier and get up earlier too. Tomorrow I'll try to get up at 6:20 to start the day with a good cycling training. In the afternoon, I will have swimming as fun.

There are many people who would like to start jogging. The sport has many benefits for our body. The problem in the beginning is that we all know how slowly introduce this type of activity in our lives. Many will put our feet in our shoes and try jogging a certain amount of time. Then try to increase the frequency with which we carry out this type of workouts. Sometimes it is more difficult or more easy, even when we do the same route. After a while, we may begin to notice that we do not have the same desire. Maybe some day even we do not have enough motivation to beat the cold weather time or minor complications. It may surprise you but this lack of motivation is natural given our training strategy.

At first it is important to note that physical exercise can help many levels of our life. Its benefits range from being an efficient way to control our weight, to improve the quality of our dream or even our personal relationships. It is for this reason it is important to introduce physical exercise in our lives permanently, and it is therefore important that this activity coexists with other aspects of our daily life. I should say that I am agree with Dean Karnazes when he says that the biggest difference between a runner who seeks performance exceeding their personal best or competing against others, and a jogger, is that the second or at least still able to have control over all aspects of his life, allowing him to share with his loved ones, being a father, husband, friend, worker. Therefore from my point of view is important to keep the second spirit, which will allow us to enjoy our lives in deep way.

For those who want to start jogging, gently introducing this activity in your life, I will propose a training plan that will allow after a month, get to jogging 20 minutes continuously, avoiding the discouragement that an improper training can generate.

Week 1
Monday: 20 minute walk.
Tuesday: Rest.
Wednesday: 20 minutes walk.
Thursday: Rest.
Friday: 9 minutes walk + 2 minutes jog + 9 minutes walk.
Saturday: Rest.
Sunday: 8 minutes walking + 4 minutes jogging + 8 minute walk.

Week 2
Monday: 25 minute walk.
Tuesday: Rest.
Wednesday: 7 minutes walk + 6 minutes jog + 7 minutes walk.
Thursday: Rest.
Friday: 4 minute walk + 4 minutes  jog + 4 minutes walk + 4 minutes jog + 4 minute walk.
Saturday: Rest.
Sunday: 4 minutes walk + 5 minutes jog + 4 minutes walk + 5 minutes jog + 4 minutes walk.

Week 3
Monday: 30 minute walk.
Tuesday: Rest.
Wednesday: 6 minutes walk + 8 minutes jog  + 6 minutes walk.
Thursday: Rest.
Friday: 3 minutes walk + 6 minutes jog + 3 minutes walk + 6 minutes jog + 3 minutes walk.
Saturday: Rest.
Sunday: 5 minutes walk + 10 minutes jog + 5 minutes walk.

Week 4
Monday: Rest.
Tuesday: 2 minutes walk + 8 minutes jog + 2 minutes walk + 8 minutes  jog + 2 minutes walk.
Wednesday: 30 minutes of walking.
Thursday: 4 minute walk + 12 minutes jog + 4 minutes walk.
Friday: 4 minute walk + 12 minutes jog + 4 minutes walk.
Saturday: 30 minute walk.
Sunday: 20 minutes of jogging.

It is important to add some stretching exercises at the end of every workout and remember the advices given in the article on hydration for low intensity workouts.

There are several aspects to highlight in the program. You will notice that the number of minutes to train each week is slowly increasing. This is common and responds to the available theory for one of the most complex aspects of sports planning, called periodization. Soon I will talk more on this subject, which undoubtedly, will keep us busy for several days.

I say goodbye for now, in the next publication will give you some nutritional guidelines that can accompany a workout as I have proposed. If anyone is interested in the future (four weeks from today) I will publish the second month of this planning.

A hug for all, take great care and enjoy doing sport!

At 289 days the big challenge,


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