jueves, 8 de septiembre de 2011


Hello everyone,
First I would like to sincerely thank all the support, interest, help. Without you this would not have been possible. I would like to especially thank my sponsors, MI MOTHER, REYHER, ANTIBES TRIATHLON, INRIA, CHULANKA, thank you for believing in this project, this idea, in this adventure.
Thanks to my team, Carla Hermann, Hermann Reinaldo Soto and Susana for joining me at every stage of the race, for helping me up when difficulties appeared, for the encouragement, for the photos, juices, maps, driving, the lunches, the wonderful memories.
The ULTRAMAN UK ended Monday. Three days were wonderful. We met wonderful people. We all came us unknown, recognized us and stand in front of the Bala Lake, with water at 14 degrees, doubtful about whether it would be a good idea to give a few strokes before the first race day. By exchanging a few words, it was immediately apparent that this race would be completely different to the other, an incredibly familiar, lots of hugs, lots of smiles, lots of companionship. In the end, all ended up being part of a big family, and no doubt this experience brought out the best in everyone, and best of all.
We arrived in Wales a few days in advance. The idea was to get used to the climate, the manner of driving, time and meeting places and tracks where the race would develop. The first was to test the Bala Lake, where they develop swimming. The water was about fourteen degrees, nothing that a Chilean can not support. I felt good, the anxiety began to mount and with a few strokes and good feelings, confidence returned. 

That day we had the fortune to meet a beautiful family, Dan and his Divas, now great friends who gave us their experience in this type of event, giving vital tips! 

The next stage was the presentation of numbers, an excellent opportunity to meet other athletes and people in the organization! 

With pleasure I discovered a large number of Spanish speakers. We felt right at home! 

We had to visit several supermarkets to find the right amount of bananas, oranges, dates, etc.. Fortunately, the fruit is of good quality and was a very good price. 

The next day was breakfast, checking bikes, tech talk and first official photograph.Again it was the atmosphere that prevailed, was a real family breakfast, all filled with much love, regardless of the many nationalities represented. 

Then it was time to go through the circuit of cycling the first day. It was really a good idea because of the conditions of the race is no signage in the turns. We lost more than one occasion. The circuit was very hard and that coupled with the weather the next day began to raise the conditions in which they develop the challenge. 

Tomorrow I will discuss in detail how the first day of competition. We advance that the day was the most rugged and difficult from the psychological point of view. 

Hugs to all!

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